A.G.E.: Amnesia Gulag in Europe

Funding programme Europe for Citizens - Action 4 - Active European Remembrance

Project reference 2013-3128/001-001

Principal investigator Mattucci Natascia

Role UniMC Coordinator

Consortium Associazione culturale BZ 1999 (IT), Istituto per la Storia del Movimento di Liberazione (IT), Osservatorio di genere (IT), The Genocide and Resistance Research Centre of Lithuania (LT), Istituto d’istruzione superiore Einstein-Nebbia (IT), Associazione Università per la pace (IT), University of Edinburgh (UK)

Runtime from 02.12.2013 to 01.06.2015

Short description Seen the importance that the EU recognizes to the education for active citizenship (Citizenship Education in Europe, ISBN 9789292012649), the project “Amnesia Gulag in Europe” responds to the need to overcome the neglect and damnatio memoriae which for decades described the scientific and didactic perspective in Italy and Europe, on the history of persecutions and exterminations operated in the twentieth century by Glavnoe Upravlenie Lagerej (central Directorate of correctional labor camps), better known as the USSR GULAG. This need can be seen in the attestation of a kind of subordinate teaching which is common in the schematism of the public education system, that is to say in the ministerial programs of schools, in the more used educational and instrumental resources, in the studies of universities, and in the awareness campaigns promoted by research institutions. Closely related to this deficiency of teaching and training is therefore a misrecognition of such historical events that can be traced in a large part of public opinion. The aim of this project is to offer to the young European citizens a broad knowledge of the history of the Stalinist persecution - with particular attention to the history and memory of the Lithuanians interned in Soviet camps – in ordered to enrich their social conscience and the sense of community, make them open to critical thinking and able use memory as an instrument of democracy. Basically, the project will be divided into multiple moments of analysis and comparison (conferences, lectures, guided tours, films, documentaries) which will be built around the dissemination – in various cities – of the photographic exhibition of the Polish journalist-photographer Tomasz Kizny on the theme of Gulag. The idea is that, through the dissemination of geographical panels of images, and a variety of initiatives, is possible to realize a parallel dissemination of the history-memory of Gulag, especially among the younger generations of European

Total cost € 97.000,00

EU contribution € 97.000,00

EU contribution to UniMC € 48.000,00

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