To obtain a degree you must pass all exams and obtain successful assessment in workshops, qualification tests, seminars, work placements and training, as well as earn the number of Credits (ECTS) required as specified in your program of study.

Exam registration is mandatory.

How to register for an exam

  • Visit the website studenti.unimc.it
  • With username and password log in the Log-in Area [‘Area Riservata’]
  • Click on Exam Registration [‘Prenotazione Esami’] and follow the instructions

After completion you may print a reminder note.

Once you have taken the exam you may view the confirmed mark you received by entering your password and username to access the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’] and clicking on Results Notice Board [‘Bacheca Esiti’].

Final examination

Each Department posts final exam deadlines, instructions and documents required for registration on its website.

To qualify for the award of a degree:

  1. You must have settled payment of fees due;
  2. You must have achieved the required Credits (ECTS) or have passed all exams and obtained successful assessment in workshops, qualification tests, seminars, work placements and training, at least 15 days prior to the date of final examination
  3. Meet teaching and administrative requirements within schedule and in line with instructions specified by the Student Administration Office of the Department
  4. Pay € 71,38 for the issuing of the original degree, using the debit slip notice you can find clicking on Payment [‘Pagamenti’] in the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’] on the website unimc.it
  5. Answer the questionnaire for graduating students by visiting the webpage http://adoss.unimc.it/it/stage-e-placement/placement/laureandi

If you have applied but wish to defer the final exam you must notify the Student Administration Office of your Department at once and check instructions to apply for the following final exam session.

Final exam assessment and degree grading

The awarded degree is graded on the basis of three components that are jointly assessed:

  1. Average marks received on exams (except for qualification tests and other activities that enable students to earn Credits but are not rated on an 30-point scale)
  2. Assessment is made by the Final Examination Board on the grounds of criteria established by the relevant teaching bodies, taking into account the duration and quality of student academic performance, including honors the student may have been awarded and extra-curricular activities he/she has engaged in (e.g., whether the student has passed additional modules not included in the program of study, taken part in excellence courses, Erasmus projects, etc.)
  3. Assessment of written or oral independent work the student may have submitted for the final exam



If all exams in program of study carry the same weight (1) the averaged mark is the arithmetical mean; if exams in the program of study carry different weights (in terms of credits) the average mark is the weighted average (WA).

The arithmetical mean is calculated adding all marks rated on a 30-point scale and dividing the result by the number of exams.

The weighted average is calculated by using awarded Credits as weighing for each activity that has been assessed with marks rated on a 30-point scale, on the basis of the following formula:

         Σ (grade x credit)

Mp = -----------------------------

              Σ credits

Duplicate copy of the original degree

If the original degree is stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged, you may obtain a duplicate by applying to the Student Administration Office of your Department. Return the appropriate form bearing a € 16 revenue stamp and enclosing:

  • A copy of the statement made before the relevant authorities, if the degree has been stolen, lost or destroyed;
  • A self-declaring statement and the original degree, if it has been damaged.

In order to apply for a duplicate in parchment, you must pay € 71,38 by debit slip notice provided by your Student Administration Office of the Department, clicking on Payment [‘Pagamenti’] in the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’] on the website studenti.unimc.it. In that case the receipt of the payment is to be included too.

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