HRS4R. Human Resources Strategy for Researchers

A strategy to improve the working environment of those conducting research


The strategic objective of the University is to become a centre of excellence on an international level, specialised in socio-humanistic subjects.

Excellence, nevertheless, can be generated and cultivated in working environments in which those conducting research are in a position to be able to develop their own career.

For this reason, in 2005, the University of Macerata signed theEuropean Charter for Researchers and the Code of Conduct for the Recruitment of Researchers. Together, these documents contain a set of general principles that specify the role, the responsibilities and the rights of researchers and the people employing and/or financing researchers, as well as the general principles that should be applied by employers and/or financers when appointing or employing researchers.

It is noteworthy that the Charter and the Code are destined for all researchers in the European Union throughout all the phases of their career, regardless of the type of appointment and occupation.

In order for the principles expressed in the Charter to be effectively implemented, in September 2012, the University made a formal commitment before the European Commission to draft a strategy for the actual implementation of the principles, adhering to the Institutional Human Resources Strategy Group.

On the grounds of the action plan, in 2014 the University was awarded by the European Commission with the HR Excellence in Research accreditation (one of the first granted in Italy) and with the subsequent recognition and logo within the European Institution.  

The objective is to make the working environment of Macerata more attractive for those already working there, and for those who may come there to work, with a particular focus on the needs of researchers and “young researchers” (PhD students, assignees of study grants, collaborators of various kinds).

To oversee the drafting and implementation of the strategy, a specific work group has been appointed ERT - Excellence in Research Task force, coordinated by Prof. Francesca Spigarelli, the dean’s delegate for the implementation of the principles of the European research associates’ charter. Grant Office is responsible of the strategy's implementation at University of Macerata.  

To find out more:

Unimc towards HRS4R (Presentation at the  Research Conference of University of Macerata, 5 December 2012)


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