Privacy policy


Why this notice?

According to art. 13 of the Italian Decree 30.6.2003 n. 196 “Code for the protection of personal data”, this notice is in the interest of all users of the website of the University of Macerata, corresponding to the homepage of the official website of the university. This notice also follows the European recommendation n. 2/2001 about the protection of personal data, in order to find out the minimum requirements to collect online personal data and, in particular, mode, terms and kind of information to provide to users when they connect to web pages, independently of  the aim of their connection. As a public subject, the univesity can handle personal data concerning the performance of its institutional functions, set in this notice and in the university statute, without a preventive consent of the person concerned,  within the bounds set in the above mentioned code and in the regulations (art. 18 del D.Lgs. 196/2003). This notice only concerns the web pages that can be visited within the address, and not other websites visited by the user through external links.

For each service offered by the university in which users have to give ones’ details, the reference is to these general conditions and, if needed, other particular conditions will be then specified. You can find all the people responsible for contents and services at

What is data handling?

According to art. 4 paragraph 4 letter a) of the Italian Decree 196/2003, data handling concerns each process or set of processes, also made without the use of electronic tools, aimed at the collection, registration , organization, maintainace, consultation, elaboration, modification, selection, extraction, comparison, use, interconnection, freeze, communication, diffusion, deletion and destruction of data, even if they are not registered into a database. According to the Italian Decree 196/2003, personal data handling should respect the fundamental rights, freedom and dignity of the concerned person, with reference to privacy, personal identity and the right to the protection of personal data.

Tutor of data handling

The tutor of data handling at the university of Macerata is the Rector Luigi Lacché.

Place of data handling

Data handling concernig the web services of the university takes place at our university.

Kind of data

1) Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures for the functioning of the web site usually acquire personal data, whose transmission is implicit in the use of  Internet communication protocols or serves to improve the quality of the service delivered. These data are not connected with identified concerned people, but by their very nature they might be used to identify users. This kind of data includes IP addresses or domains of the computers used by the users, URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of the demanded resources, time and mode of request, dimension of the file got in response, the number code indicating the level of response obtained by the server (ex: error, ecc) and other parameters concerning the operating system and the computer environmnet of the user. These data are used only to get anonymous statistical information about the use of the website and to ensure its perfect functioning. The data are periodically deleted. They might be used to verify the responsability in case of hypothetic computer crime to the detriment of the Portal or to a third party.

2) Data voluntarily provided by the user

Students personal data obtained through registration, enrolment or in other cases, are handled in ordet to perform our institutional functions, within the bounds of the law or of the regulations and in full compliance with the principles of transparency, decency and privacy.  If yuo send an e-mail to the addresses shown in this website, your e-mail address and other data contained in the e-mail will be acquired in order to answer to your requests. These data will be handled in compliance with the principles of decency, lawfulness, transparency and protection of privacy, as set in the Italian Decree 196/03. Specific synthesis notices will be reported or displayed in the web pages arranged for special on demand services.

Personal data provided by those users who ask for information pack are used only to deliver the service and they are communicated to a third party only if it is necessary to provide the service. Personal data can be communicated to the external world to reach purposes concerning the performance of the institutional functions of the university. Data can also be communicated to other public subjects that manage the supply of funds or study grants for the research and projects for the university development and the services for the right to study (personal data are also communicated to the bank which manages university fees and contributions). Personal data are also communicated to external organizations for activities such as vocational guidance, job market insertion and postgraduate professional training.


Information on cookies and the processing of personal data in the University Portal system websites

The rights of all users

The rights of  the users are expressely specified in the article 7 of the “Privacy Code” and they can be exercised through an informal request, like certified letter, fax or e-mail (art. 9) to the person in charge of it. The tutor of data handling is the Chancellor; the people responsible for it are the executives of the appropriate structures (the person concerned can address them to ask for more information exclusively about personal data) and the people in charge of it are the officials and the staff authorized by the tutor or the person responsible to handle the data.

Last update 25 May 2018