Type of enrollment

1) Full-time

  • You may take exams in the program of study without limitations
  • You may receive financial support and Regional Board for Higher Education (‘ERDIS’) grants. For further information: Financial support

2) Part-time

  • You may obtain a maximum of 36 Credits (ECTS) within the last session of exams for the relevant academic year (including curricular activities in connection to seminars, workshops, internships, placements, qualifying exams and other unconventional educational activities, and final exams)
  • You pay reduced fees, regardless of merit or income, but cannot receive financial support

If you enroll part-time, the length of your study course shall increase by one year for each year of part time enrollment.

If you opt for part-time enrollment and wish to earn a higher number of Credits (ECTS), you must pay the supplementary fee of € 250 for every 6 Credits. You cannot pay a smaller amount for fewer Credits; the amount due is always rounded up by a multiple of 6 (e.g., 6 Credits: € 250; 7 Credits: € 500).

3) Graduating student

  • You may re-enroll, paying the reduced fee of € 600 by 30th April
  • if you have already earned all the Credits in your program of study, excluding the final examination
    you have enrolled in the single-cycle degree course in Primary Education Teaching and you only have to complete your training and final exam.

 After 30th April, you can enroll but you must do so by the deadline for submitting applications for the final exam in the last final exam session of the relevant academic year, paying the supplementary fee of € 100.

For further information:

Changing type of enrollment

You may change the type of enrollment as long as you have paid all the fees due as of the date of application.

When to change type of enrollment

 by 30th April (after this date you cannot change type of enrollment)

How to change type of enrollment

1) Return the application form to the Student Administration Office of the Department

2) Pay the fees due:

  • Visit the website unimc.it
  • With username and password log in the Log-in Area [‘Area Riservata’]
  • Click on Payment [‘Pagamenti‘] and follow the instructions

 Payment in excess of the fees due will not be adjusted or refunded.

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