Support services

The University of Macerata provides many services for students and staff. Here follows the list and a brief presentation of present University Centres:

University Language Centre (CLA)

Caters for curricular as well as specialized language courses for students, lecturers, and the general public. Offers a wide range of international certificates in 5 languages and a number of other language-related opportunities.

University Informatic Service Centre  (CSIA)

Manages the I.C.T. services of the University, including e-learning and online courses.

Library Service University Centre (CASB)

In its spacious and refurbished reading room the centre offers a digital library, a didactic library, an interlibrary loan service and two IT laboratories with WI-FI connection. It is an excellent facility for
research activities.
In addition to CASB, every faculty is equipped with libraries and reading rooms. For a complete list go to page:

Publishing Centre of the University of Macerata (CEUM)

The centre provides publishing and distribution services. Its attention is focused on publications supporting the main activities and research of the University of Macerata through the EUM, the University publishing house.

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