Values, view and mission

The University of Macerata is a public institution well aware that education and research are necessary to create a society based on knowledge.

The university adopts, as its preminent value and principle, a full and real respect of the fundamental rights set in the Italian Constitution and in the international charters, declarations and agreements. It promotes the autonomy of study, teaching and research; a wide collaboration with international universities, high culture institutions and scientific academies. It champions a stable cooperation with authorities; a necessary connection with the needs and the requests of its territory; a fruitful collaboration with businesses, the whole job market, non-profit companies and organizations.

The university is ideologically, politically and religiously indipendent. It works in accordance with the constitutional principles and grants autonomy in study, teaching and reasearch. It adopts the principles of the European Charter for Researchers and promotes merit on the basis of the highest standards. It fosters an international dimension for research and education, because mobility is fundamental to strengthen scientific knowledge and professional development. It promotes a full and free access to the data and products of scientific research, also providing their conservation in the institutional archives and their spread to the public. The University also grants the safeguard, the access and development of our cultural heritage. It fosters equal opportunities through positive actions and disowns any form of discrimination in the access to university education and research activities.
(Statute of Autonomy, article 1, reference principles and aims).

The university aims at:

  • developping and consolidating the mission of an institution which highly focuses on human and social sciences;
  • keeping a remarkable cultural and scientific consistency;
  • combining a high-level research with quality teaching to champion the development and the innovation of its territorial area;
  • improving its dynamic, young and cohesive structures, with their strong experience and professionalism put in the service of all stakeholders.

Innovation through humanism is our view, our strategic line and our future.

The University mission consists in:

  • increasing the value of a more than seven-century-long history dedicated to the merit and the quality of all the students, researchers, professors and technical-administrative staff;
  • planning our choices with commitment and intelligence;
  • improving and promoting the results of research into the excellence areas;
  • expanding our international network to support the local development.
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