Departments and Schools

In order to accomplish its mission in education and in scientific research, the University is structured as follows


Departments are the University foundations ensuring its objectives in education and scientific research are reached.

Department of Economics and Law

Ex Seminario (main office)
Piazza Strambi, 1 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Sede di Via Crescimbeni
Via Crescimbeni, 20 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Palazzo Chiappini
Via Crescimbeni, 14 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT / Prof. Giulio Salerno
MAIN SWITCHBOARD / tel. +39 0733.258.2760

Department of Law

Original Historic Building
Piaggia dell'Università, 2 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Branch offices
Fondazione "Angelo Colocci" - Via Angeloni, 3

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT / Prof. Ermanno Calzolaio
MAIN SWITCHBOARD / tel. +39 0733.258.2484 – 2462

Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism

Luigi Bertelli Learning Centre
Piazzale Luigi Bertelli (Contrada Vallebona) - 62100 Macerata (MC)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT / Prof. Michele Corsi
MAIN SWITCHBOARD / tel. +39 0733.258.5929

Department of Political Science, Communication and International Relations

Ex Loggia del grano
Via Don Minzoni - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Ex Seminario
Piazza Strambi, 1 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT / Prof. Francesco Adornato
MAIN SWITCHBOARD / tel. +39 0733-.258.2510 – 2760

Department of Humanities – Languages, Language Liaison, History, Arts, Philosophy

Palazzo Ugolini
Corso Cavour, 2 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Tucci Learning Centre
Via Morbiducci, 40 - 62100 Macerata (MC) - - (a second entrance is in Corso Cavour, 2)

Ex Monastero di Santa Chiara
Via Garibaldi, 20 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Ex carceri femminili
Via Illuminati, 4 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Palazzo De Vico
Piazza Cesare Battisti, 1 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

HEAD OF DEPARTMENT / Prof. Filippo Mignini
MAIN SWITCHBOARD / tel. +39 0733.258.4082 (Arts, Languages, History, Cultural Liaison) – 4323 (Philosophy)


  • Mondays to Fridays / from 8:00 AM to 8:00 PM
  • Saturdays, Sundays and bank holidays / Closed


Ph D courses, aimed at offering high-quality advanced education and training, are run by the Ph. D school, in compliance with the Rules and Regulations of the University.


The Schools run postgraduate specialization courses with the aim of providing students with specific training and professional know-how.

Specialization School of Historical and Artistic Heritage

Piazzale Luigi Bertelli (Contrada Vallebona) - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Specialization School of Trade Unions, Labour and Social Security Law

Piaggia dell'Università, 2 - 62100 Macerata (MC)

Specialization School for the Legal Professions of the Universities of Camerino and Macerata

Piaggia dell'Università, 2 - 62100 Macerata (MC)


The school offers excellent training pathways to outstanding students
Villa Cola / Via Martiri della Libertà, 59 62100 Macerata (MC)


The Institute was opened on 4th October 2011 under the High Patronage of the President of the Italian Republic and is the result of the collaboration among the University of Macerata, the Normal University of Beijng, and the office for Chinese culture and language promotion of the Chinese Ministry of Education Hanban. Confucius institutes exist in more than 100 countries across Europe and throughout the world. They are committed to spreading Chinese culture and language. They seek to achieve this goal by offering Chinese language courses at several levels and through activities aimed at increasing the knowledge of Chinese civilization, culture, traditional and modern society. For instance, they organize conferences, seminars, exhibits, shows, promote editorial programmes, publish teaching material, and so on. Confucius Institutes also promote the exchange of teachers and students between founding Universities, as well as award grants to outstanding students and researchers.
Villa Cola / Via Martiri della Libertà, 59 62100 Macerata (MC)

Last update 16 November 2016