The University of Macerata encourages all the forms of strategic collaboration that can provide students and staff with international training and research opportunities, giving them the tools required to successfully meet the challenges of a highly competitive world with increasing transnational contacts.

 The University offers several mobility and international cooperation schemes, with more than bilateral agreements and international partnerships within the Erasmus framework. Students and staff taking part in these projects foster their academic development, become involved in international research networks and contribute to creating a more dynamic and inclusive notion of citizenship.
The University awards yearly hundreds of Erasmus and non-Erasmus grants for study periods both within and outside Europe (including  USA, UK, Australia, Canada, China, Russia, Albania), both for study and work placement.
Thanks to its strategic geographical position and centuries-old history, the University of Macerata enjoys privileged collaborations with Eastern European countries (Russia, Poland, Ukraine), in the Mediterranean area (particularly Albania, Libya, Slovenia, Turkey, Tunisia) and with China. At the same time, the University works to increase valuable collaborations with excellent entities in Africa, Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, the USA and in the Indian subcontinent. Many students from distinguished international universities choose to conduct part of their academic studies at the University of Macerata. 


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