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The PhD Course in “Law and Innovation” purposes to offer university training in the field of the legal sciences and to promote studies on legal change related to the processes of technological and social innovation. The current economic, political and cultural scenarios call the law into question by posing the need for its adaptation. In this regard, innovation acts as a heuristic key for advancing knowledge in the legal sciences by favoring a dialogue with other sciences involved in bringing about change in the contemporary world. Therefore, on the didactic and methodological level, the Course will focus on the interdisciplinary interaction between the legal disciplines and the non-legal sciences. The PhD Course will also give importance to international mobility and the exchange of knowledge with the world of work.



The three-year PhD program in “Law and Innovation” is coordinated by Professor Massimo Meccarelli, Professor of History of Medieval and Modern Law (SSD IUS/19) in the Law Department. The teaching staff is made up of scholars from the University of Macerata and from other foreign universities in Belgium, Brazil, China, Germany and Spain.

The PhD Course activates co-supervision agreements with University partners and others for processing doctoral theses.

The PhD course may avail itself of synergies with the Department of Excellence of the Law Department project: “Law and innovation. Europe and China facing the challenges of globalization”, which it identifies as one of its areas of implementation in the PhD training.


The PhD Course in “Law and Innovation” participates in the regional Eureka and Innovative industrial-focused PhD courses aimed at financing specifically thematized PhD scholarships, proposed and co-financed by local companies and by the Marche Region, which foresee dual supervision and a period of applied in-company research.

The Course also makes use of an agreement stipulated by the Law Department with the Department of Information Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche. Synergies will also be implemented within the framework of the activities stemming from the numerous international cooperative agreements in teaching and research stipulated by the University of Macerata, and in particular by the Law Department, with other foreign Universities.


The PhD Course in “Law and Innovation” trains researchers, in the field of the legal sciences, to become managers, lawyers specialized in the field of privacy, network law, intellectual property protection, and company consultants, with special attention to the new professions in the digital sphere (data protection officer, legal consultants in the field of electronic commerce and cybersecurity), positions in top-level administration or international agencies and organizations, also as related to specific issues such as computerization and digitization.


The Course, in cultivating the advancement of knowledge in the legal field, conducts educational and research activities with a multidisciplinary approach. To this end, the Board of Professors recruits scholars not only in the area of ​​the Legal Sciences, but also in the areas of Engineering, Economics, Medicine and Pedagogy-Philosophy. The Course’s interdisciplinary profile will also be enhanced by collaborations with the Department of Information Engineering of the Politechnic University of Marche, with which an agreement has been stipulated.


In its teaching activities and choice of research topics, the PhD Course in “Law and Innovation” gives special importance to legal problems in the digital sphere (Big Data, Data Protection, Blockchains Technologies, etc.). Its intent to provide in-depth studies and research in this field will be reinforced by the engineering expertise among the teaching staff, and by its collaboration with the Department of Information Engineering of the Polytechnic University of Marche, with which a special convention has been stipulated. Another impetus in this direction will be given by its synergy with the Department of Excellence of the Law Department’s project “Law and innovation. Europe and China facing the challenges of globalization”.

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