Specilizing Master's programmes and Lifelong Learning

The University of Macerata offers advanced training programmes to students who have completed their undergraduate studies. The Master's programmes which are completed at the end of an undergraduate programme aim to train highly professional figures.


The Specilizing Master's programme is a post-graduate specialisation degree that builds on a three-year degree (Bachelor Degree) or on a post graduate degree (Second-Level Master). The program has a minimum duration of one academic year and corresponds to 60 educational credits.

Marketing and Management
DEADLINE: October 29, 2018
Global management for China
DEALINE: September 21, 2018


    The aim of the PhD programme is to provide specialised training, aimed at carrying out highly specialised research activity. 

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    The Schools run postgraduate specialization courses with the aim of providing students with specific training and professional know-how.

    Specialization School of Historical and Artistic Heritage
    Specialization School of Trade Unions, Labour and Social Security Law
    Specialization School for the Legal Professions
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