myUNIMC – The University app

Install at once myUNIMC, the App of the University of Macerata conceived by students within the 2015 Communication Laboratory, and then created by the University!

myUNIMC will give you at a glance your University exams booklet, the list of all teachers with contacts, University office locations, updated news on University dates and events, and much more. 
In this release 1.0 (Android 4.3+, iOS 6+):

  • Access to your academic career data (by login)
  • Look at your University exams booklet and your own academic programme (by login)
  • List of teachers, courses and course details
  • Locations and offices
  • University news and events

    Do you need help to solve a technical problem, or would you like to offer your advice? You can send a message through the section ‘Feedback&Assistenza’, or send an e-mail to: . We need your help to improve the app!


    The following people have taken part in the design, development and testing of the app:

    • Students of the digital Unimc Laboratory: Carmen Messina, Davide Patruno, Francesco Gallo, Gianpiero Spelozzo, Giuseppe Lisso, Giuseppe Claudio Lamacchia, Jana Paulikova, Laura Montanari, Marianna Kalonda Okassaka, Mattia Storani, Nicoletta Quirino, Noemi Alese, Riccardo Antonelli, Roberta Ciavarella, Sara Bisonni, Silvia Serafini, Veronica Seimonte
    • Communication Office: Sonia Pietrangeli, Aldo Caldarelli, Chiara Crucianelli, Paola Dezi
    • Teachers: Francesca Arienzo, Gianna Angelini, Lucia D’Ambrosi, Paola Costanza Papakristo.
    • Web /CSIA Office: Fabrizio Patrizi, Manolo Micozzi, Simone Carletti
    • Trainees: Laura Montanari, Matteo Maponi

    Developers use and promote Open Source technologies:

    Apache Cordova

    Mobile Angular UI

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