For the public administration, to create an open and accessible website isn’t only a legal obligation, but it is also a duty towards its users. In the design of this website, the University of Macerata always bore in mind this principle.

  • Responsible Director: Chancellor Luigi Lacchè -
  • Project Coordinating Commitee:
    • professor Lucia D'Ambrosi, coomunication delegate -
    • professor Pierluigi Feliciati, University information system delegate -
  • Technical development and software management: University Innovation Centre (CSIA) -
  • Editorial coordination: Communicaton office -
  • Graphics and Multimedia: Communication office -
  • English and Chinese translation: Antonietta Lemme and Alice Magi, trainees of the Mediation Laurea Specialistica, coordinated by the University Innovation Centre and the University Language Centre (CLA) -
  • Contacts: Public Relations Office
  • Certified email:


To create this web portal we used Plone, a Content Management System that complies with the Consortium Web Contents Accessibility Guidelines W3C-WAI (level AA) and properly uses standard tools like XHTML and CSS. Plone is based on the Zope framework and it is written using Python. Plone is released under licence from GNU GPL. It is an open-source software and can be freely downloaded and installed.

Last update 5 May 2017