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Conferences and meetings with experts

29 novembre 2016

Human Rights and Sustainable Development


  • Prof. CHEN Zexian (Director of the Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
  • Prof. LIU Huawen (Assistant Director of Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)
  • Prof. LI Qingming (Institute of International Law, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences)


29 April 2015

La Cina nel 2015, scenari e prospettive per le imprese


  • Thomas Rosenthal (Director of Research Italy-China foundation)
  • Susanna Carloni (Financial and accounting manager Benelli QJ)


14 April 2015

Beyond sovereignity: issues for cooperation in China seas

Workshop organized with the Marsafenet Cost Action IS1105


  • Hanling Wang (Center of Ocean Affairs and the Law of the Sea - Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing)


07 November 2014

China's environmental challenges



29 September 2014

China's destination

Free seminario of CNA di Ancona.



29 May 2014

The role of international law in transnational intellectual property and trade disputes



17 March 2014

Il China Center a Tipicità: "Il settore agro alimentare italiano in Cina"



12 March 2014

Enforcing Trademarks in China – Problems and Possibilities


  • Ulf Maunsbach (Associate Professor, Faculty of Law University of Lund)


18 October 2013

The Confucio istitute and China Center are promoting a day of study focused on the law and the Chinese culture by title: Aspetti Culturali e linguistici nelle Relazioni commerciali in Cina



12 October 2013

Opportunità di internazionalizzazione in Cina: il caso di iGuzzini illuminazione

28 October 2012

La nuova normativa sulla Sicurezza Alimentare in Cina. Vincoli ed opportunità per le imprese italiane


4-5 October 2011

Impresa e Diritto. Italia e Cina a confronto


6 October 2010

Workshop ISTAO 2010 - Gli investimenti cinesi in Europa:quali sfide per la tutela della proprietà intellettuale?