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Dialoghi post-metafisici

Il 28 marzo si è svolto presso il Dipartimento di Filosofia e Scienze umane il "III° Dialogo post-metafisico" sul tema: "Dell'essere che si comunica nel tempo della post-metafisica". Al convegno, promosso in occasione della pubblicazione del volume: "La comunicazione come questione antropologica", a cura di D. Verducci, F. Totaro, D. Carloni (Eum, Macerata 2012).
Interventi di: Martin Schwartz (Università di Berkeley), Philology of Being between East and West. Discovering ontological virtualities; Olga Louchakova (Istituto di Psicologia Transpersonalista di Palo Alto), Dia-Log(os): Genesis of Communicative virtues of Phenomenology of  life.
Discussants: Yan Chunyou (Università Normale di Pechino), Lin Guowang (Università Normale di Pechino), Francesco Alfieri OFM (Università di Bari), Anna Arfelli Galli, Benedetta Giovanola, Francesco Totaro (Università di Macerata).

Dalla Introduzione della proff.ssa Daniela Verducci:

Is able traditional being  to convey the transition of the communicative being which is currently requested at the basis of every movement of our humanity impoverished by the objectifying technological rationalism? In order  to favour the discovery of unexpressed native communicative potentialities of being, in the III. Post-Metaphysical Dialogue, we assumed an intercultural philological-linguistic feature and focused on some already achieved stages toward the realization of the graft between the old objectifying metaphysics and the new metaphysics of subjectivation. This effect  started already with the innovative vision, introduced  by the phenomenology of life, which  Anna-Teresa Tymieniecka elaborated on the basis of the intuitive resowing of the experience of classical phenomenologists. Our post-metaphysical dialogue intends, finally, to pose again the metaphysical issue and to renew the attempt to “save the phenomena”, now that the traditional philosophy of being  seems to be at its last stage.