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Summer Schools

The Summer school is organized by UniMC in partnership and with the direct support of Beijing Normal University (China), that is UniMc partner for the Confucius Institute.
The Summer school is an intensive training programme for Chinese and international students who can share their experience and perspectives
The focus on creativity, humanities and innovation is strongly related to the emerging role of cultural and creative industries for local development and sustainable economic growth.
On the European side, the importance of creative and cultural industries is also recalled by the European strategy of the Adriatic-Ionian Macro Region.
In Italy, the investigations of the Symbola Foundation show the key role played by cultural and creative industries for Italian economic growth and international competitive position.
The promotion of cultural heritage is essential today both as a generator of sustainable growth and wealth, and as a tool to promote high social cohesion.
The cultural heritage, knowledge and traditions available in our territories can be considered as a strategic lever to develop business activities.
On the other hand, also manufacturing companies are required to develop innovative paths to support their competitiveness. This makes it important to activate the potential of creativity, which can only be developed by strengthening the "cultural atmosphere".

Location: Macerata, Villa Cola (Confucius Institute of Macerata)

Period: July 2016

Duration: 2 weeks

The Summer School is developed in partnership with Symbola (Foundation for Italian Excellence

First week: thematic workshop by academics and speeches by professionals and experts

Second week: a focus on key industries (Food&wine, Tourism, Digital games, Fashion) with experts and field visits

Participants: Chinese students/phd from Beijing Normal University, from UniMc or other foreign Universities

At the beginning of the Summer Schools, participants will be divided into 4-5 groups to develop Business ideas and innovation ideas to be presented at the end of the 2 weeks period. Every day, students will have time to discuss and interact to develop their ideas.

A presentation of the Summer School and the Faculty
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