Answer the following questions:

1. What do you think that Marketing means, for a farm?

2. When you participate in markets or fairs, how do you act against your competitors?

3. You are an organic fruit producer and you have good clients in the local market. Some of your loyal customers suggest you to start producing jams. What is the first thing you do?

4. Direct selling is:

5. What is the price of a product?

6. What is promotion?

7. What does it mean that the demand for a product is inelastic?

8. What does it mean for a farmer to focus on quality?

9. What does it mean to you to be market-oriented, being a farmer?

10. What is the unique selling proposition?

11. Is time important for marketing?

12. What does market segmentation mean?

0-16 points: Good but you need to deepen more
17-20 points: Good job! There is margin for improvement though
21-24 points: Great job! You are marketing and branding oriented
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