Answer the following questions:

1. Quality can be considered:

2. What is a Sustainability Report?

3. Which of the three is not an EU certification scheme?

4. What does the European Commission “Quality Package” guarantee?

5. Do you agree with these statements?

Does the registration of a name under the EU certification schemes guarantee in itself an increase in market shares?

The EU food safety policy objective is to protect consumer health and interests while guaranteeing the operation of the internal market.

The EU “Quality Package” aims to guarantee quality for consumers and fair price for farmers

6. A food can be considered safe if:

7. EFSA stands for

8. Do you agree with these statements?

GDP & inflation affect consumer behaviour

Consumers seem to be changing quantity for quality

Technology does not affect consumer behaviour and production processes

9. Which kind of sustainability is actually the most pressing?

10. Do you agree with these statements?

Good practices in agriculture contribute to conservation and sustainable use of natural resources

In the food sector, there are 3 different kind of certifications: regulated certification, product certification and system management certification

There are European regulations on food product religious certifications

0-15 points: Good but you need to deepen more
16-27 points: Good job! There is margin for improvement though
28-32 points: Congratulations! You are aware of what Quality means for your Business
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