Police registration - non EU students residence permit

Before the departure: please, contact your Italian embassy as soon as possible in order to begin the application procedure for a visa.

Upon arrival: within 8 days of your arrival in Italy, you must apply for a EU Residence Permit For Study Reasons. The Residence Permit is to be applied for with the help of a qualified local union; they will help you free of charge.  On the website click on “Ricerca struttura” (on the left) and choose from the opening menu: struttura PATRONATO / provincia MACERATA / Comune MACERATA/ cap 62100. You will need to book an appointment at one of these local unions offices within 8 days from your arrival.

The nearest local union to the International Office is:
INCA - CGIL, Via Garibaldi 45, Macerata.
Telephone number: +39 0733 245711

list of local unions providing support

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