Health Care System

The ASUR n.9 (Azienda Sanitaria Unica Regionale) is the Regional body managing health basis services provided by the Italian Health Care System. Some treatments are free, others require your financial contribution called “ticket”. If you pay for any medical treatment, please keep all the receipts, because you can receive a reimbursement in your home country.
When you register with the Italian Health Care System, you are assigned a specific family doctor, whom you will refer to, for the whole length of your stay in Macerata.If you need an ambulance or paramedic out of surgery hours (usually after 8 pm, in the early hours in the morning or at weekends) you can call the Guardia Medica on + 39 0733 231378 or go directly to the out-patients in Via Santa Lucia 2, a few metres away from Macerata hospital. For emergencies and to call an ambulance the free phone number is 118.

Details about the Italian health care system

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