TAXISTARS: designing and developing flexible vocational training for a mobile progression

Funding programme LLP - Leonardo da Vinci - Multilateral projects for development and innovation

Project reference 2012-3616/001-001

Principal investigator Pier Giuseppe Rossi

Role UNIMC Partner

Consortium Militos Emerging Technologies & Services (Filippos Karamanlis - GR-coordinator), Foundation IRU des Transports Routiers (CH), Deutscher Taxi- und Mietwagenverband e.V. (DE), Suomen Taksiliitto ry/The Finnish Taxi Owner's Federation (FI), TYA Vocational Training and Working Environment Council (SE), Hellenic American Union (GR), Scienter CID (ES), RNDO Limited (Cyprus).

Runtime from 01.10.2012 to 01.10.2015

Short description
 The project aims to develop training material for work safety, road safety and emergency case assessment and management suited to fit the professional, functional and societal profile and role of the taxi drivers across Europe. Due to the nature of their profession, taxi drivers are working under special conditions and are involved in many and multifarious interaction scenarios often entailing risks and challenges linked to safety and emergency issues. They are therefore in need of innovative, target-specific and ‘actor-oriented’ educational material.

Total cost € 532.602,00

EU contribution
 € 399.450,00

EU contribution to UniMC
 € 48.023,00

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