DESIGN-MTS: DEfining Social responsibility Interventions for Grounded Networking in Machine Tools Sector

Funding programme CIP-European Multistakeholder platforms on corporate social responsibility in relevant business sectors

Project reference CIP-333720

Principal investigator Benedetta Giovanola

Role UniMC Coordinator

Consortium CECIMO – European Association of the Machine Tool Industries (BE), University of Nottingham (UK), CSR Europe - The European Business Network for Corporate Social Responsibility (BE), Central European Initiative (IT), IRES - Istituto di Ricerche Economiche e Sociali (IT)

Runtime from 01.07.2013 to 31.12.2014

Short description DESIGN-MTS aims at encouraging and enabling a growing number of European MTS (Machine Tool Industry Sector) enterprises to take a strategic approach to CSR, also showing its advantages in terms of competitiveness. DESIGN-MTS will launch a multistakeholder platform on CSR in MTS, involving the most relevant stakeholders and providing opportunity for a constructive dialogue. In particular, DESIGN-MTS will improve information and awareness-raising on CSR (enhancing the visibility of good practices), provide guidelines and practical tools to implement the endorsement of a strategic approach to CSR by enterprises (especially SMEs), and provide supporting measures and capacitybuilding initiatives carried out by the platform.

Total cost € 266.339,00

EU contribution € 199.751,00

EU contribution to UniMC € 37.543,00

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