Cultural heritage, Models of thinking, Languages and Memory


This area includes researches and projects which refer at topics such as: history, memory, literature, languages, intercultural competences, different models of critical thinking, interpretative and communicative abilities.

The aim is to deepen and innovate conceptuality, to refine and share knowledge, to develop and test new models, technologies, materials for learning, and to promote civic awareness in a European dimension but also in a very world perspective.

Involving many disciplines, on the one hand the concern is addressed to develop evaluation protocols and then attestation of knowledge and skills, on the other hand to train aware and informed European citizens.

Social awareness and democratic governance need both receptivity and reflexivity, which develop by carrying out critical readings of the many different forms of documentality, even visual, and promoting transnational ways of cooperation for building and sharing knowledge.


TPAAE: Transcultural Perspective in Art and Art Education

EVAL-IC: Evaluation des compétences en intercompréhension : réception et interactions plurilingues

A.G.E.: Amnesia Gulag in Europe

MIRIADI: Mutualisation et Innovation pour un Réseau de l'Intercompréhension à Distance

OPTIMALE: Optimising professional translator training in a multilingual Europe

HOL: History on line

TICASS: Technologies of Imaging in Communication, Art, and Social Sciences


ECHIC (European Consortium for Humanities Institutes and Centres)


Documentation and research center for religions and society in the modern age

Research Center in Communication Psychology and Semiotics of the Text "Janos Sandor Petofi"

Center for Anthropology of the Text

Documentation and Research Center on Archeology of Northern Africa (CAS) "Antonino Di Vita"

Laboratory of Phonetics and Writing - LaFoS

International Center for Studies on Greek and Latin Poetry in the Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

Italy - Argentina Interdepartmental research center (CRIA)

Centre for study and documentation on the history of the University of Macerata

Interuniversity centre for History of Italian Universities (CISUI)

Interuniversity centre for documentation on Italian economic thought  (CIPEI)

Interdepartmental centre on Italian-American studies (CISIA)

Interuniversity research centre for the study of Utopias (CISU)

International study centre on History and Archaeology of the Adriatic area (CISA, soon to be established)

Interuniversity centre for the studies on symbols

Interuniversity centre for the study of post-soviet culture and counterculture (CCCP)

Interuniversity centre of Franciscan studies (soon to be established)

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