Citizenship, democracy, inequalities and welfare


This research area includes multidisciplinary and inter-sectorial studies on topics such as: inclusive citizenship, security and participatory democracy, right to the city, welfare and technological cities, technological rule of law (local, national and international dimensions), European Union contribution to democracy and peace in the world.

Democracy and peace are EU’s fundamental values since the conclusion of the first ECC treaties. Lastly, the Treaty of Lisbon states that the EU is founded on the “[…] on the values of respect for human dignity, freedom, democracy, equality, the rule of law and respect for human rights, including the rights of persons belonging to minorities. […]” and put human being and citizens at the centre of integration policies.

Along these lines the European Pillar of Social Rights consists in principles that ensure equality among citizens, fight against social exclusion, promote a well-functioning labour markets and welfare systems for the XXI century Europe. The same values are supported in the EU’s Global strategy, adopted in 2016, that outlines that the connection between democracy and peace is a bi-directional one and advocates an integrated approach to these goals.

Democracy and prosperity for Europe requires a strong cooperation between public and private actors (citizens included), both at a European and at a local, national level, to build cohesive and inclusive communities, to tackle the challenges of economic crisis, demographic change, migration, technological innovation. The goal is to preserve local identity while increase European integration (Unity in diversity).


INVOTUNES: National trade union involvement in the European Semester



LEADER: Learning diversity: a case study of refugee students in a primary school

ADA: Antitrust damages actions: interdisciplinary training of European Judges on implementation of EU rules

DEPIT: Designing for Personalization and Inclusion with Technologies

Child in Mind: Self-learning resources for informal childminders

PrevDrop: Detecting and Preventing Drop out from Higher Education or Supporting Students to Switch Successfully to VET

GRAGE: Grey and green in Europe: elderly living in urban areas

ESPAQ: Enhancing Students Participation in Quality Assurance in Armenian HE

The Europeanization of Private International Law of Successions

CHETCH: China and Europe taking care of healthcare solutions

CARER +: Ageing well in the community and at home: developing digital competences of care workers to improve the quality of life of older people

Protecting young suspects in interrogations: a study on safeguards and best practice

STAY IN: Students Guidance at University for Inclusion

Equality as a standard for good local governance

IN PATH: Intelligent Pathways for better inclusion

SINC@HE: Support and Inclusion of Students with disabilities at higher education institutions in Montenegro

Construire un developpement possible: création d’un Système Permanet de Solidarieté Internationale et de Coopération Décentralisée au développement


GUNI (Global University Network for Innovation).

EPF (Economic Policy Forum)

OSSREA (Organization for Social Science Research in Eastern and Southern Africa).

Echalliance (European Connected Health Alliance)


Interdepartmental research center on Africa

European Documentation Center (C.D.E.)

Center for Studies on Institutions and Society (StatuteList of MembersCoordinator Appointment)

Center of study and research on juvenile justice (StatuteList of MembersCoordinator AppointmentRevised List of Members)

Laboratory of History, Economy and Society of Mediterranean and Eastern Europe - "LEMO" and Documentation Center on Political Parties in the Marche in contemporary times

Observatory on migrations - IMAGO

Interdepartmental Center of the Fausto Vicarelli Laboratory

Interdepartmental research centre on Adriatic and Mediterranean (CIRAM)

Laboratory of forensic toxological chemistry and forensic medicine (Coordinator appointment)

Interdepartimental research centre for the third sector and civil economy (CITeSEC) Statute, List of participants and constitution decree  n. 391 of 6 november 2019 and constitutional act

Interdepartmental centre of constitutional studies

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