University transfer

From another University (entry)

When to apply

from 1st August to 30thNovember

(date as shown on written approval to leave issued by university where you are registered).

How to apply

1. Return application to leave the university where you are registered following the instructions with regards to procedure and deadlines

2. Enroll in the course of your choice clicking on Transfer for entry [‘Trasferimento in Ingresso’]

For further information: 1. ENROLLMENT (FIRST YEAR)

You will receive an e-mail from the Student Administration Office of the Department informing you about the outcome of the application and documents required for enrollment.

3. You must pay the fees due, less regional tax on access to higher education you may have paid if you are transferring from a university within the Marche region. However, you may apply for financial support. For further information: Financial support

If you do not complete enrollment with the University of Macerata by the date of 30th April by paying all due fees, the written approval to leave will be returned to the university from where you are transferring.

Transfer to a course with an entry test is regulated by the relevant public selection notice and Rules and Regulations. If you wish to enroll in a course with an entry test, but in a year following the first,, you need to provide a document indicating approval by the Department and enclose the document with your application for enrollment.

To another University (leave)

If you wish to transfer to another university, you must make sure you have paid all fees for all years of enrollment and you may not return to the university of Macerata to study in the same academic year.

Application to transfer to other university entails the payment of a leave tax of € 350.

When to apply

Before applying for transfer elsewhere, you are advised to find out about deadlines and procedure for transfer approval at the other university, as well as details on how to proceed with your student career, especially if you wish to apply between 1st May and 30th June.

  • from 1st May to 30thSeptember

    without re-enrolling for the new academic year;
  • from 1st October to 30th November

you must pay re-enrollment and pay the first installment (except for the regional tax for access to higher education) along with the supplementary fees due.

How to apply

1. Contact the Student Administration Office of the relevant department to apply for payment of the leave tax of € 350. The Student Administration Office of the Department will charge you you and generate a debit slip notice which you can download by accessing the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’] on the website and clicking on Payment [‘Pagamenti’].

2. Return your application to the Student Administration Office of the Department, enclosing:

  • Self-declaring statement that you have no outstanding debts with the Regional Board for Higher Education (ERDIS);
  • Your Student Record Book;
  • Receipt of the payment of the 350 € fee to leave.

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