Student record book

The University of Macerata issues the student record book where passed teaching activities are recorded.

It is mandatory to exhibit the record book to security and reception operators when accessing university structures and facilities.

You may collect the Student Record Book from the Student Administration Office of your Department, or you may entrust someone to do so. In such case, the entrusted person shall have to submit your written authorization and a copy of a valid Identity Document (front and back) belonging to you.

If you forge, counterfeit or alter any information contained in your Student Record Book, you may be liable to disciplinary measures, without prejudice to criminal action that may brought against you.

If the Student Record Book is damaged, stolen or lost, you may apply for a duplicate, paying the amount of € 35.

Application for a duplicate copy of the student record book

1. Request the Student Administration Office of your Department to debit the amount of € 35. The debit slip notice can be found by clicking on Payments [‘Pagamenti’] on the website

2. Return the application form to the Student Administration Office of your Department enclosing:

  • Self-declaring statement with details on how the book was stolen, lost, destroyed or damaged
  • A copy, front and back, of a valid form of Identification belonging to you
  • Two passport-size photographs
  • Receipt of payment for the amount of 35
  • The damaged Student Record Book.
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