Course transfer

You may apply to transfer from one degree course to another same-level course on offer and for total or partial validation of Credits (ECTS) you may have earned.

Before applying for a course transfer you must apply for re-enrollment.

Transferring to a course with an entry test may be allowed prior to having passed the relevant test. After having made sure you have been successful, you must enroll in the new course within the deadline specified in the public selection notice and at the same time return a course transfer application to the Student Administration Office of the Department as specified by the office.

When to apply

 from 1st August to 30th November

How to apply

Return the following documents to the Student Administration Office of the Department offering the course in which you are registered:

  • Your application form
  • Your Student Record Book

From the date of application for transfer, you may not perform as a student in your previous course, nor in the one you chose to transfer to, until you have registered in the new course.


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