Certificates and diploma supplement

You are entitled to updated certificates on your student status, exams taken and student career, as long as you have paid all enrollment fees due and satisfied administrative requirements.


When dealing with the governmental authorities or with private operators providing public service, self-certificates alone may be used, in compliance with existing regulations. Please be aware that providing false and/or misleading information is criminal offense.

Self-certificate templates may be found in the 'Log-In-Area' on the studenti.unimc.it. web page.


In Italy, certificates are valid only among private parties. Therefore, all certificates issued by the Student Administration Office specify such limitations, whereby they cannot be submitted to governmental authorities or private operators providing public services.

How to apply for certificates

Return the application form bearing a € 16 revenue stamp to the Student Administration Office of the Department.

You may apply by post enclosing a front and back copy of a valid form of Identification belonging to you, along with adequate postage.

You may entrust somebody else to submit the documents below to the Student Administration Office of your Department:

  • The applicant's written authorization
  • A front and back copy of a valid form of Identification belonging to the applicant
  • The delegate’s valid form of Identification

You may apply for your degree to be issued in English (including the list of exams passed and the title of thesis). You may collect your degree certificate in English 20 days after submitting application.

Diploma supplement

The Diploma Supplement is available in the Log-In Area [‘Area Riservata’] of the website studenti.unimc.it  clicking on Certificates [‘Certificati’].

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