October, 1st

9:00 Welcome address– Aula Abside – piazza Strambi 1

9:30 Plenary Session
Chair Sergio Rossi
- Randall Wray (University of Missouri at Kansas City) What Should the Financial System Do? A Minskian Approach to Promoting the Capital Development of the Economy
- Jan Toporowski (The School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London) Debt Deflation and the Financial Markets

11:00 Coffee Break

11:15 Parallel sessions
Finance: evolution and policy - Aula Abside

Chair Alessandro Vercelli

- Felipe C. Rezende (University of Missouri at Kansas City) - Understanding the Rise of and the Run on the Shadow Banking System.
- Sergio Rossi (University of Fribourg, Switzerland) - Can it happen again? Structural policies to avert further systemic crises.
- Domenica Tropeano (Macerata University) - On Financial System’s Reform Proposals.

Financial crisis and developing economies – Aula A

Chair Stefano Spalletti
- Aigul B. Maidyrova (Academy of Public Administration, Astana, Kazakhstan) - Economy development during the post crisis period (a model choice)
- Dariko Mazhidenova (Institute of Diplomacy, Astana, Kazakhstan) - The post-crisis development of energy resources in Central Asia
- Piero Bini (Roma Tre University) – The “Business Cycle” of Economic Ideas. The Current Economic Crisis and the Role of Scientific Conformism

13: 00 Lunch Break

14:30 parallel sessions
Expectations and financial fluctuations – Aula A
Chair Roberto Tamborini
- Rosella Castellano, Roy Cerqueti (Macerata University) - Framing Effect and Investor's Misperception
- Mauro Gallegati, (Università Politecnica delle Marche) Domenico Delli Gatti, Bruce Greenwald, Alberto Russo, Joeseph E. Stiglitz. - Business Fluctuations and Bankruptcy Avalanches in an Evolving Network Economy
- Riccardo Bellofiore, Marco Passarella (Bergamo University) - Minsky, the monetary circuit and the current crisis: a stock-flow consistent model
- Serena Sordi, Alessandro Vercelli (Siena University) - Heterogeneous expectations and strong uncertainty in a Minskyan model of financial fluctuations

Winners and losers in the crisis – Aula C

Chair Alberto Zazzaro
- Monal Abdel-Baki, (The American University in Cairo, Egypt) - Is Unconventional Monetary Policy a Feasible Tool in Mitigating Financial Crises? Empirical Evidence from Egypt
- Dirk J. Bezemer (Groningen University) - Latvia’s Bubble, Crash and Post-Crisis Reforms
- Andrea Presbitero, Alberto Zazzaro (Università Politecnica delle Marche) - IMF lending during the crisis: who benefited?

16:30 Coffee Break

16:45- 19:15 Aula Abside - Round Table: Can it happen again? Alessandro Vercelli, Randall Wray, Jan Toporowski, Sergio Rossi

20:00 Conference Dinner

October, 2nd

9:15 Plenary session – Aula Abside

Chair Alessandro Vercelli

10: 15 Coffee Break

10:30 Parallel session
Financial Fluctuations and Contagion – Aula Abside

Chair Sheri Markose
- Rosella Castellano, Luisa Scaccia (Macerata University) - Can Credit Default Swaps Predict Financial Crises? A Markov Switching perspective.
- Alesia Kalbaska (Siena University) - Credit Default Swaps in the Analysis of Sovereign Debt Crisis: the Case of PIIGS and the UK
- Andreas Krause (Bath University), Simone Giansante (University of Essex) - Interbank Lending and the Spread of Bank Failures:A Network Model of Systemic Risk?

Financial markets and risk – Aula A

Chair Paolo Ramazzotti
- Mauro Marconi (Macerata University), Anna Grazia Quaranta (Bologna University), Silvana Tartufoli (Macerata University) – Evaluating the Risk of Insolvency
- Alberto Russo, Adelino Zanini (Università Politecnica delle Marche) - On the expansion of finance and financialisation
- Vincenzo D’Apice (Italian Banking Association) Giovanni Ferri (Bari University) - Financial Instability: A Very Long-Run Perspective

12:45 Lunch Break

14:15 Parallel sessions
International Monetary system, Euro and Gold – Aula Abside
Chair Francesco Farina
- Elisabetta Croci Angelini (Macerata University), Francesco Farina (Siena University) – Macroeconomic imbalances within the European Monetary Union. Could they even get worse?
- Pompeo Della Posta (Pisa University) - The euro in the international monetary system after the recent financial and economic crisis and after the European crisis
- Jean-Guy Loranger (Montréal University) - The Myth of Demonetarization of Gold
- Domenica Tropeano, (Macerata University) - The monetary policy response to the financial crisis in Europe and in the united states: a comparison.

On crisis and theory – Aula A

Chair Stefano Perri
- Dirk J Bezemer (Groningen University) - Changing the Macro Models After the Crisis?
- Andrea Fumagalli, Stefano Lucarelli (Pavia University) - Cognitive capitalism as a financial economy of production.
- Paolo Paesani (University of Rome, Tor Vergata) Keynes and the current crisis. (Paper)
- Elisabetta De Antoni (Trento University) - Money, finance and capitalism’s instability:the different views of Minsky and Keynes

16:30 Coffee Break

16:15 Round Table: Can it happen again? Mario Baldassarri, Riccardo Bellofiore, Giovanni Ferri, Marcello de Cecco Roberto Tamborini