Alberico Gentili Lectures

with Sonia Sotomayor / U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice

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dal 03/05/2017 al 04/05/2017
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Teatro Lauro Rossi / piazza della Libertà - MACERATA

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3rd May 2017

10.30 AM
A Conversation with Justice Sonia Sotomayor / On Occasion of the Inauguration Day

15.30 PM
Il mio mondo amatissimo. Storia di un giudice dal Bronx alla Corte Suprema


Giuliano Amato / Former Italian Prime Minister, Constitutional Justice
Guido Calabresi / Former Yale Law School Dean, Senior Judge, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit
Christopher McCrudden / Queen’s University Belfast, Michigan Law School
Cesare Pinelli / Sapienza, University of Rome
Silvana Sciarra / Constitutional Justice

Introduced by

Francesco Adornato / Rector of University of Macerata
Alessandro Lucchetti / Studio Lucchetti


4th May 2017

9.15 AM 
Being a Constitutional Justice:A Women’s Perspective

Rosalie Abella / Supreme Court of Canada
Susanne Baer / German Federal Constitutional Court
Daphne Barak-Erez / Supreme Court of Israel
Marta Cartabia / Italian Constitutional Court
Esther Kitimbo Kisaakye / Supreme Court of Uganda
Sonia Sotomayor / U.S. Supreme Court


Lee Epstein / Washington University, St. Louis, MO
Erika Rackley / University of Birmingham, UK


Benedetta Barbisan / University of Macerata, ITALY


Alberico Gentili Lectures agl is an annual appointment held every spring at the University of Macerata involving internationally distinguished academics, judges, legal scholars willing to deliver three lectures on a topic dealing with Comparative Constitutional Law in the broadest sense that they did not specifically treated before.

The agl take their name from Alberico Gentili, a protestant dissident born in San Ginesio who, in the late Sixteenth century, escaped from religious persecutions and ended up as a professor at Oxford University. His experience as an immigrant, because of his diversity and the religious minority he belonged to, inspired us in devising these annual meetings around the theme of diversity loosely and broadly interpreted.

Moreover, our guests are invited also to share with our community how their personal experience of diversity - if they had any - contributed to shape them as intellectuals and human beings. Finally, each appointment of the agl forms the basis of original volumes published in a special book series by Il Mulino.

Libro SotomayorIn 2017, our guest is SONIA SOTOMAYOR, U.S. Supreme Court Associate Justice, whose life epitomises how determination, confidence, and commitment can overcome serious difficulties in life and make one’s own dreams true. On this occasion, the agl present themselves exceptionally renovated. After her participation in the Inauguration Day and the launch of the Italian version of her memoir, Justice Sotomayor takes part with other fellow colleagues in the Comparing Constitutional Justice (CCJ) seminar series, convened by the University of Macerata and the Queen’s University Belfast, with the aim of bringing together justices and scholars from a diversity of jurisdictions to discuss and compare different experiences, cultures, and contexts in the field of constitutional justice.

Our two institutions have jointly conceived and nurtured this initiative, with the aspiration of establishing a continuing forum for dialogue among justices. The remarks delivered at every seminar will then form the basis of edited volumes, to be published by Cambridge University Press or Oxford University Press, in order to ensure that the discussion initiated in Macerata and Belfast reaches a wider audience.

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