Visiting scholar 2016 “Collegio Matteo Ricci”. Call for applications

Applications must be submitted no later than 14:00 on 25th November 2016
Collegio Matteo Ricci

Collegio Matteo Ricci

Within the framework of its internationalization policies, the University of Macerata aims at developing new strategies in order to promote and favour the presence of Visiting Scholars at the University. The main objective is to develop an international network of scholars, carefully selected according to international criteria, in order to favour meetings and exchanges between the international research community and the University of Macerata and the name of the project, “Collegio Matteo Ricci”, tries exactly to express its collective nature.

For all Visiting Scholars, the “Collegio Matteo Ricci” is a quite place where ideas and projects come alive; for the University of Macerata and for the entire city, it is a unique and lively window into the world.
Visiting Scholars will be required to live in Macerata for at least 2 months to carry out research activities and provide face-to-face lecturing. The amount of the grant is € 3.000,00 and it includes accomodation on residential colleges.

Deadline: Applications must be submitted no later than h.14:00 (italian hour) on 25th November 2016 


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