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Home Unimc communicates News The University of Macerata and the Florida Gulf Coast University signed an agreement protocol.

The University of Macerata and the Florida Gulf Coast University signed an agreement protocol.

The agreement was signed by the Rector of the University of Macerata, prof. Luigi Lacché, and professor of foreign trade in the American University, Arthur Rubens. According to the agreement, the two universities commit themselves to find out cooperation paths concerning both research and teaching activities, through the exchange of students and professors.

"The University of Macerata focuses on international relations – said Rector Luigi Lacché – and this agreement lets us make another step forward, together with previous agreements with other famous American universities, like Princeton University and Saint Cloud".

The University of Macerata now have to identify concrete initiatives to start and strenghten a teching and research cooperation with the different colleges of the Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU). Significant the sinergies with the Faculties of Arts and Science, Teacher Education and Economics and Business, together with the different research centres specifically dedicated to innovation and local and small-medium businesses development.

The University of Macerata can also rely on the model of international cooperation created by the College of Business of the FGCU, the so-called “double circuit”. In this model, international activities are based on the involvement of both students and professors and local businesses, which are asked to share their experience abroad and to explore potential sinergies with hosting countries. This method, applied also in Macerata and the Marche region, can create mutual economic, industrial and cultural benefit both for Florida and the Italian region.

This important goal was achieved thanks to the relations established with FGCU authorities by prof. Giorgio Galeazzi, Director of the Science of Law Services degree programme, and by professor of Business Microeconomics Francesca Spigarelli, who this year visited the FGCU as visiting scholar.

Last update Nov 14, 2012