Language and cultural preparation course to study and live in Italy


Italiano più is an innovative programme created by the University of Macerata and Laboratorio Edulingua of San Severino Marche, which ensures easier and more direct access to Italian universities for all international students, through a language and cultural preparation course that is tailored to meet the specific learning requirements of participants.

The Italiano più programme deals with guided welcoming to Italy for students coming from any foreign country, it helps them to overcome cultural barriers and to develop their language competence up to B2 certificate level, which allows them to enter Italian universities. Furthermore, it also prepares students in their development of the specialised language that they will need in their chosen university career.

How it works:
- You enrol in the Italiano più  programme by filling in the online form.
- You do an online language test to prove your level of Italian.
- You arrive in Italy and start your preparatory language and culture course, which can last from 1 to 6 months, on the basis of your needs.
- Choose your optional specialised study course of Italian from among the following areas:

  • Italian literature
  • Art and architecture
  • Music and opera
  • Food, wine and tourism
  • Law
  • Design

- You pass the final exam and gain direct access to Italian universities, with an ideal language preparation for your chosen course of studies in Italy.

For those enrolling in the University of Macerata

The Italiano piu programme not only prepares you from a linguistic point of view for study in Italy, but  enables constant privileged access to the University of Macerata, one of Italy’s oldest and most prestigious universities. Students enrolled in the Italiano+ programme who continue their studies at the University of Macerata may avail of:

- an assistance and orientation service for their university studies
- exemption from the payment of enrolment fees for the first year of university

Why enrol in the Italiano più programme?

  • It makes it easier to arrive in Italy and be certain of assistance with all services
  • It makes it easier to learn the Italian language
  • It makes it easier to come to know the Italian culture and lifestyle
  • It makes it easier to make friends and to settle
  • It makes it easier to gain access to university
  • It makes it easier to choose your study plan
  • It makes it easier to get your degree


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Last update Sep 24, 2015