International conference, "Hermeneutics and Interculturality"

University of Macerata, 9-10 September 2013
International conference

International conference

On 9 and 10 September at the University of Macerata will be held the international conference "Hermeneutics and Interculturality".



If the Hermeneutics is traditionally defined as the art of understanding the extraneous speech, it does so classically, through works, objectifications. The Intercultural Hermeneutics collocates the issue of the apprehension-of-the-other on a further stage, which includes works but arises in communities of interpretation and in their practices.
The question «How to understand the extraneous?» hence takes a broader turn, inscribing itself in the dialog among cultures, not being limited to the translation problem – which is a part of it – but working on social and political dimensions. When the issue of the understanding arises in a regime of multiple and multicultural societies and, last but not least, in a perspective in which the questions posed traditionally by the Philosophical Anthropology are renewed, the matter of true and its hospitable scope, the matter of recognition, of tolerance – both at theoretical and practical level – are equally at stake. Does this extension open to a Hermeneutics of new perspectives? Does it intimate other methods? Should we emphasize the distance or the fusion of horizons? Is it possible to avoid as the ethnocentrism, which homogenizes, as the relativism, which keeps the difference pure? Is the claim to grasp the extraneous legitimate? Are the traditional methods of Hermeneutics and the importance of the equity principle at its heart enough? If «the hermeneutical reason» is defined by a mutual understanding, in which «to grasp the perspective of the other» and «to be grasped by him» articulate the dialog, how and to what extent should we suppose a shared rationality? How far is it possible to extend the understanding?
Here some questions that will be posed to see what the intercultural perspective brings to the Hermeneutics.

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