Farm Inc project, marketing in the agricultural sector

Experiential learning is the best way to help farmers understand marketing principles
Farm Inc.

Farm Inc.

First results from Farm Inc project designed to help farmers better market produce show experiential learning best way to help farmers understand marketing principles in the agricultural sector.

There is a great potential for regional and local products in the market, but a lack of marketing strategies

to enable European agricultural entrepreneurs to compete with the international network. Research started with the creation of a questionnaire, based on a self-assessment approach distributed to all agriculture sector stakeholders: farmers and their associations, agricultural entrepreneurs, VET experts, local and national public bodies and their intermediaries. Analysis of the results demonstrated that farmers and agricultural entrepreneurs' preferences are very similar in all target countries (Greece, Italy and Latvia). Farmers prefer learning through experience rather than classroom training.

An interactive e-book will be created as an integrated training tool. It will contain basic marketing principles for the agricultural sector as well as practical experiences (case studies, field visits etc).

Next steps in the project, leaded by Alessio Cavicchi assistant professor at the Department of Education, Cultural Heritage and Tourism of the University of Macerata, require the involvement of all farmers aspiring to become agricultural entrepreneurs. All farmers interested in the project activities are invited to propose their farm. For further information, please see

Last update Apr 10, 2017