An American at (the University of) Macerata

The video-portrait of the town shot by a Princeton student during the Summer School organized by UniMc.

"I’m a photographer, filmmaker, magician, poet, and a wise fool. Not in that order". In this way 22-year-old David Kong describes himself. He is one of the about 20 students from Princeton University who last summer attended the Summer School which every year the University of Macerata organizes in collaboration with the prestigious American University: 4 full immersion weeks to study Italian language and culture. He is an aspiring filmmaker and has already two important works behind him – like the movie-type trailer for the fantasy book  "The dragon’s tooth". He paid homage to our town through an evocative video which conquered the web, "Portrait of Macerata", published on and www.DavidKong.Net.

David, tell us something about your work and about your most important videos.

I've been making videos of all different types for many years, mostly just as a hobby. I want to shoot real films in Hollywood one day, and so I consider this time as my training. One of the most exciting projects that I worked on was a publicity video for a new fantasy book. You can find more of my videos at my website, www.DavidKong.Net.

Why did you choose to attend the University of Macerata's Summer School?

I only started studying Italian last year, but I had visited Italy once when I was young and loved it. I chose the Macerata program because I wanted to go somewhere to meet real Italians, somewhere away from tourists. I wanted to experience the Italian life, and my university in America already had a program there, so it was easy.

Why did you shot this video about Macerata?

The Portrait of Macerata video was a new style, for me. I was already planning on making a video of this kind, but I wasn't sure where to make it. When I arrived in Macerata, I knew that it would be the perfect setting. Most people in America don't really know what a real Italian city is like at all, and so I made this video to show it to them.

What of this city did impress you most ?

I think that my favorite part of Macerata is the peacefulness. Usually when I travel, I have a lot of stress and worry, but as soon as I arrived in Macerata, I felt at ease and comfortable. My life is often a very busy one, and I took great pleasure in walking through the streets and stopping at a bar in the afternoon.

Tell us one happy memory about Macerata and another about the University.

One of my best memories from Macerata was getting to know the owners of the bar near our dormitory and talking to them. Another great memory from the University was one evening when a bunch of students and I had a meal together outside and sang songs with a guitar and watched the moon rise.

The Summer School project has just turned twelve. It is an intensive course held at the University of Macerata by professors from both universities and aims at improving the knowledge not only of the Italian language, but also of Italian culture, politics and economics.

Last update Nov 21, 2012