The University of Macerata looks ahead and conceives education as a means to develop the cultural identity of its students and suitable career options for them. The University has a lot on offer: undergraduate courses, postgraduate courses and single-cycle courses,  international joint-degree courses, the School of Advanced Studies, the Summer School, the Doctoral School, the Confucius Institute and the ‘Collegio Matteo Ricci – Visiting Scholars’ International Pogramme.

Key strengths of courses at the University of Macerata include high-quality teaching, friendly relations between students and teaching staff, and the lively exchange of ideas during both lectures and classes.

Throughout their university career students are engaged in multidisciplinary studies and different teaching and learning methods in order to create a perfect balance between theoretical knowledge, specific professional expertise and practical skills that are enhanced through workshops, internships and training opportunities outside the University.

Being a student at the University of Macerata means being part of Europe, as study periods in other European universities are strongly encouraged and credits are awarded for examinations taken abroad.

The University of Macerata promotes excellence in teaching innovation: several degree courses are available not only in traditional learning, but also in distance learning. This option offers a range of additional services with study aids and teaching materials supplementing those used on-campus.


Last update May 18, 2018
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In the Italian University system there are two levels of degree (laurea):

- the first level degree is the Laurea Triennale, obtained at the end of a three-year course. It prepares students for intermediate job positions in the labour market.

- the second level degree is the Laurea Magistrale, a post-graduate degree obtained after a two-year course. It prepares students for higher, managerial and professional positions.

The university of Macerata offers degree courses in Cultural Heritage, Economics, Philisophy, Law, Arts and Humanities, Languages, Mediation, Communication, Teacher Education, Political science and Tourism.

The curriculum "International Economic and Trade Relations" of the second level degree course in Political and International Studies is entirely held in English.

In addition, each year between January and June, the university organizes  Winter and Summer Schools for Italian language and culture, aimed at students from all over the world who have a desire to study our language in depth, covering Travel and Tourism, or Italian and European Law.

If you intend studying at our University the International Relations Office (CRI) can assist you during your stay here.

If you are a non-exchange student, they will put you in touch with the office that is responsible for your enrolment.

You can obtain the recognition of the exams you previously  took in you own university. You should follow a specific procedure in the embassies of both countries. For further information please e-mail the addrees you can see on the screen.